The Sunshine Board – Fostering Collaboration for Your Government

You are a legislator – maybe for a City Council or a County board or a Community District. You could be on a School Board or a Water District. You get the idea. Whatever government organization you work or volunteer on, one rule will always apply... You are bound by the Sunshine Laws.

Yes, it's an unavoidable fact that we need laws like the Sunshine Laws to protect our citizens from wayward legislators who would scheme in darkened back rooms to make board votes a predetermined conclusion. But, you are not a wayward legislator – and neither am I. That is why I founded the Sunshine Board Corporation, a not-for-Profit Florida company with a mission to use information technology to make governments effective, efficient and transparent.

Our technology, the Sunshine Board, lets you communicate and collaborate with other legislators in an open online workshop when you are not in a physical board meeting. Imagine that your mayor or district manager is working on a complex district matter and something new and unique has just occurred that throws a wrench into the plan of execution that was agreed upon at the last board meeting... just last week! Now what? You don't have another meeting for over three weeks! Should the Chairman alone tell the manager what the board wants? It's not an emergency but no one wants to delay the project for three weeks just to wait for another board meeting! Do you really want to bother calling a special workshop in a week? Of course not. The answer is that you already have online public workshops scheduled using the Sunshine Board. And, as early as tomorrow or even today, all of your board members could be communicating online to resolve the issue in a matter of minutes! Now that's efficiency!

And, for another matter, you, Mr. or Mrs. legislator, love the four and five hour board meetings, right? If only they could be shorter! But, we both know that when we meet only once per month (or even every two weeks for that matter) there is so much material to cover and discuss (not to  

mention public comments) that meetings just go on and on and on and on....You get my drift. Never Again! With the Sunshine Board technology, the details and data regarding subjects of discussion can be communicated in advance of the board meeting and can be viewed when it's convenient for you! And, you can ask your colleagues on the board what they think about it in advance of the board meeting... Legally! Yes, all within the Sunshine Laws! Remember, the public has full access to view and communicate online about the issues too. And, you don't have to be in front of your computer all day to send messages – only when it is convenient for you! So, by the time you get to the board meeting, you can have clear and concise discussions about the issues and get your meetings done effectively, efficiently and with maximum transparency. In other words, SHORTER MEETINGS!

At this point you are probably as excited as I was when we first began to use the Sunshine Board in my district. So, don't delay. Say goodbye to the days of long contentious meetings and say hello to efficient, collaborative and effective government. Your constituents will really love you for it!

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A. Cyril Spiro, MD, MBA
Co-Founder Sunshine Board
Supervisor – Cory Lakes Community Development District

* The Cory Lakes CDD is not affiliated with the Sunshine Board *

P.S. If you want to buy now but are worried about the details: who's going to sort through messages? Where are they stored? Who's keeping minutes? What about bad words? How will residents become informed? When should we have meetings? I totally understand your concerns... I had the same ones! The good news is you can put those nagging worries in your district manager and lawyers inbox and leave them to worry about it. The Sunshine Board technology addresses all these items. Our team will work out the details with your counsel so you can stay focused on the benefits that matter to you most.